Супруг Анны Нетребко пожаловался на ее холодность Opera diva and her husband gave a joint interview. According to Anna Netrebko, her child is making great strides in communicating with others. Now the boy went to a regular school in Vienna, where he quickly found friends.
Супруг Анны Нетребко пожаловался на ее холодность

Anna Netrebko and Yusif Eyvazov rarely reveal details of their personal lives. The stars prefer to discuss in an interview with the creative achievements and career plans. However, for the program “2 wernick 2” they made an exception. When dealing with the leading Opera stars told about how is the life of the little son of actress – Thiago. At the age of three years old, he was diagnosed with “autism” in spite of this, the child recently went to a regular comprehensive school.

“He does a very great success. Now often smiles, laughs, interacts with other people. Just a few years ago was incredibly difficult. Sometimes I just don’t understand why he is silent or hysterics. Now, fortunately, in the past,” recalled Eyvazov.

According to the man, he has long believed Thiago his son. The boy unquestioningly trusts her stepfather and loves to spend time with him. The star couple tries to do everything possible to provide the boy a decent life. They are often involved with it, paying attention to educational games.

Netrebko sure that the psychological condition of the child improved after their house has a Eyvazov. The child felt that their family now has a caring man, and therefore has become more open and friendly.

Despite the fact that the child recently went to school, he continues to tour with their parents. Netrebko’s schedule is painted for five years forward. Yusif is not jealous of a spouses success. Now he himself is included in the list of the most popular Opera singers in the world. The only thing that confuses man, – the inability of the spouses to Express their tender feelings.

“During the four years that we are together, Anya didn’t write me no poems, she does not love you and does not like to openly Express their emotions. I initially tried to make our life together a little romance, but I realized that it is not required. More importantly, I feel her tenderness, love, although it about it and says,” Eyvazov said.

The man does not deny that in the first months of their relationship others do not believe in the sincerity of his feelings. Then Netrebko was a world star, and many accused Yusif of commercialism, the desire to become famous at the expense of others. Now, however, the tenor was able to prove how our professional competence and the sincerity of feelings towards the beloved.