Olga Buzova: “He will answer for his sins”

Ольга Бузова: «Он ответит за все свои грехи» The singer forever goodbye to the “boys in diapers”. Only “StarHit” Olga Buzova has agreed to disclose its secret. She told how she manages to live without sex for a year, and also explained why it is not ready to be with a weak man.
Ольга Бузова: «Он ответит за все свои грехи»

Olga gives a lot of inconvenience to their enemies. Buzova are called untalented, and she had full houses. Blame that bad puts words into sentences, and for many years she is a leading General people’s show “House-2”. Star often defends his own honor in Instagram, which it signed almost 13 million people. However, many things remain behind the scenes. Especially for the “StarHit” Olga has dispelled the most scandalous rumors about yourself.

No soccer

Olga, you have not had sex. How do you live? Subliminal?
Ольга Бузова: «Он ответит за все свои грехи»Yes. Saves work. I get such pleasure at concerts that sometimes these emotions even intimacy can not be compared. What would I choose – a year without sex or without singing? Easier to do without the first, than without show “the sounds of kisses”, which is now traveling across the country. But I’m sure this situation is temporary, and soon my personal life will improve.—
You many envy. Be honest, and you who?
Ольга Бузова: «Он ответит за все свои грехи»There is one man… Sometimes I think she’s just a woman, but something more. And her name is Olga Buzova. Yes, I’m jealous of myself! Sometimes I Wake up and can’t believe that everything that happens is now a reality and not a dream. I’m really happy. And how much more plans! Want to catch a lot. Only one regret – that in days only 24 hours. At least another ten to add to them, then it would be cool.—
The Network often get your intimate pictures and a video where you sing without a soundtrack. How to keep a straight face in such situations?
Ольга Бузова: «Он ответит за все свои грехи»Candid photos once leaked on the Internet. The incident happened after the hacking of the phone. It is no secret that it was made by my ex. But as a believer he will answer for his sins before God. I’m not ashamed of what I do. People who scream that use a soundtrack, never attended my concerts. Fans know that sing live. As evidence of spiteful critics suggest to watch the videos of the performances, they are in the public domain on social networks. In General, I’m happy that the concerts are always sold out. Recently performed in Yekaterinburg, where all the tickets were sold out a month. The organizers said that their memory didn’t happen.—
Being married to Dmitry Tarasov you were rooting for “the locomotive”. Now that football is over?
Ольга Бузова: «Он ответит за все свои грехи»Yes, there was a story. Frankly, I was not specifically supported “the locomotive” and the team, which played favorite people. After a divorce in “Loko” did not have close people to me. Husband of Julia Samedova Sanya went to “Spartak”, so are you rooting for this club. There’s also play the husbands of my other friends Denis Glushakov and Dmitry Kombarov. Despite the fact that I’m no longer in football, continue to communicate with the girls and always help them. Reveal the secret that lately I like hockey, especially the NHL…
Ольга Бузова: «Он ответит за все свои грехи»

In a difficult moment

You have very little sleep, often in airplanes and trains. How do you manage to withstand such loads? Many suspect that the secret to any miracle pill…
Ольга Бузова: «Он ответит за все свои грехи»I don’t take sleeping pills and other medicines. Sleep generally remains 2-3 hours. It’s true. Save flights and transfers between the cities. It got to the point they can fall asleep anywhere. As soon as I sit in the plane and fastened, the eye is immediately closed. Love trains, because they can be easy to take a horizontal position. All in the inner circle know how precious the hours of rest, because awaken at the last moment.
You work hard and get well! Maybe it is time to lower the bar and find a man easier? He will sit at home cooking, take out the garbage, educate children.
Ольга Бузова: «Он ответит за все свои грехи»I can’t imagine such a situation. My beloved man should be doing something, and it wasn’t being cooked porridge and wash plates. I already had a boy in diapers. I have seven years dragged relationship. No longer ready to find a time to meet, to decide where to take the cavalier to rest, what tiles to choose in the hall of the house or where to change winter tires to summer, both in his car and on him! I hope my future man will be able to handle it himself. I’m sure the fate will give the chance and I love meeting. Maybe it will happen in the new show on TNT, where I will choose among applicants from across the country. The project will start in the fall.
Ольга Бузова: «Он ответит за все свои грехи»
Internet users often discuss your Breasts. Or rather, the lack thereof. Isn’t it time to see a plastic surgeon?
Ольга Бузова: «Он ответит за все свои грехи»Totally happy with the bust and don’t plan to change anything. Those who don’t like it don’t watch. I do not force. Know that men prefer Breasts that fit in the hand. This is just my version! Love yourself for what it is, and always encourage podeschi to do the same.—
When collapsed your family, didn’t want to get my husband back with love spell?
Don’t believe in all this obscurantism. Never asked for advice from fortune tellers, so I believe that we are the arbiters of the fate. Of course, I had a hard time when I work with psychologists. But in fact helped friends and family that was enveloped in warmth and not left unattended even for a second. I did not hide emotions and honestly told the fans about their troubles because I knew how they were worried. I want to thank them for their support.