The candidate for the participation in “Eurovision” beat the taxi driver

Кандидатку на участие в «Евровидении» избил таксист Singer Olga Zhukova, who congratulated over the weekend with birthday wife Roma Zhukov Elena, had to testify to police. As it turned out, the blonde tried to rape her after a party organized by beloved former member of the band “Mirage”.
Кандидатку на участие в «Евровидении» избил таксист

Singer Olga Zhukova is restored after an unpleasant incident that happened in Moscow after the celebration of the birthday of his wife Roma Zhukov Elena. At first nothing foretold troubles. Olga had fun at the party, hosted by beloved artist in one of the nightlife in the Tagansky district of the capital, and published photos in Instagram. “Beautiful birthday girl”, wrote Olga about wife Roma Zhukov.

Speaking at the event, the artist decided to go home and get into a cab. Olga says that the driver molested her. After the car drove away, the man stopped and wanted to take Zhukov force. The blonde was not shy and gave it back.

“I was beaten by a taxi driver, he tried to rape me. I told him, too hung, I’m not a sucker, I gave it back. In the end I arrived and everything in the world”, – said Olga with journalists.

According to Zhukova, she was shocked by the behavior of men. “A terrible situation. I said, “don’t touch me!”. I was covered in blood,” recalls the singer.

As reported in the media, the employee of the cab company beat Zhukov feet and broke her nose. In addition, the man demanded at the blonde double payment for the trip.

Visit Olga Zhukova Instagram says that it is the gold and silver prize winner in ELLO, a soloist of the Belarusian state Philharmonic society and winner of the title “Miss breast of Belorussia”. According to journalists, she was the candidate for participation in the Eurovision song contest from his native country. In the web you can find clips of Olga on the song “no Matter” and “Want”. The first video got 20 million views, and the second is approximately two times less.

According to the page of Olga on Instagram, she frequently attends social events and advocates in various institutions. So, the actress sang at the opening of the Central Moscow Hippodrome a few days ago, and previously played at the celebration of the carnival in the same place. The public to hear old and new songs Zhukova. According to the Blonds, the track “You’re my world” was very personal. “A song dedicated to a beautiful man, giving a part of his heart in the hope that he still will keep” – shared Zhukov in social networks.

Last weekend Olga was saddened by the attack of a taxi driver. The singer, who was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, decided to punish the man for the damage and called the police. Currently, law enforcement officers find out circumstances of the incident, reports REN TV.