Olga Buzova hastily left Russia

Ольга Бузова спешно покинула Россию
While the media actively promoted the rumor that Olga Buzova can go to the “Eurovision” contest in 2019, the singer left Russia.

Ольга Бузова спешно покинула Россию

After the big solo concert in Crocus city, which took place on November 18, Olya did not take a break and have not taken a vacation, and continued to work, but in the Seychelles.

Yesterday Olga said in Instagram:

“Many have already guessed where I am. Hi Seychelles. Hi the “Island of love”. Arrived for a few days, and immediately on the job. It was very heavy flight, the night almost without sleep, so today I spent the whole day “boiled”, but I hope that in addition to shooting, I will still be able to relax a bit, or at least sleep in.”

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