Ksenia Borodina doesn’t want to leave the room because of the vagaries of daughter

Ксения Бородина не хочет выходить из комнаты из-за капризов дочери
A leading project House-2 Ksenia Borodina admitted that he had serious problems with the education of her daughter Teona.

In Instagram Ksenia writes that sometimes do not even want to leave the room because he was downstairs waiting for her cranky daughter:

“Oh, those 3 next year. Denial just don’t want will not. All wrong, all wrong((( yesterday was even laughing with our dad says I’m afraid to go down there Theon. But I think we should pay less attention to it and continue with it to behave, of course , when the child goes face need to blame and punish, but this is a tough time, you just have to endure. You also had? Tell us how to survive”

– complains of Xenia.

Many followers believe that this character the girl shows due to the fact that parents are over love and spoil her. Well, and without it? Many parents simply do not know how to be strict.

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