Ольга Бузова попала в аварию с грузовиком
In the jeep of the singer and TV presenter drove the truck.

Photo: Instagram

Not the most successful turned out to be this Tuesday for Olga Buzova. Singer and TV presenter was involved in a road traffic accident. The star was driving on the Moscow ring road, heading to the set of the reality show “Dom-2”. Suddenly at the rear bumper of her Mercedes jeep entered a large Laden wagon. The truck driver does not keep his distance and not managed to brake in time.

What was the surprise of the driver from the crumpled car when he went to meet one of the most popular persons of domestic show-business. His guilt the man did not deny, but, since it was clear that the damage to the jeep caused considerable Olga, decided to call a traffic police squad for the paperwork.

Olga herself was not injured. According to the portal Super, the leading “House-2” received minor injuries as the speed of traffic on the ring road was small.