Светлана Устинова отпраздновала пополнение в семействе
The actress named the little girl Vasilisa.

Svetlana Ustinova

Svetlana Ustinova
revealed subscribers personal microblog of a new family member — charming
puppy Corgi. “Meet Vasilisa, or just Bob”, signed
photograph of the actress. Fans of Svetlana I received the news with great
enthusiasm. Pooja and poacha, what a wonderful friend found a star, the fans
the joke suggested that buying a dog is a “rehearsal” before
Svetlana will become a mother.

Ustinov and she can not
to get enough of the little girl Vasilisa, and only know the breeders are unable to remain silent
and explained to the artist that these dogs bring much joy, but also
hassle. After all, they are shepherds and are therefore very active, curious and mischief
Gorazde, if you do not give your pet adequate time and attention.

Corgi the pranks can
to compete only with the Beagles. By the way, that Beagle recently very upset
Tatiana Totmjanina. Alexei Yagudin left the darling named Asti literally
one half hour and four-legged family member immediately found something to do, and at the same time
to eat. In
this day for lunch at Asti was a few pairs of expensive shoes prestigious
brand Dior, owned by its star host. “Was Dior, not Dior.
Bon appetit, Asti! The dog — man’s best friend! Was… Before I met
Dior!” — signed Alexei the.