Ольга Бузова заработала на разводе больше 30 миллионов After a breakup with her husband, the star became a millionaire. “StarHit” figured out how to life the presenter was affected by parting with a player and why it contributed to the incredible career take off.
Ольга Бузова заработала на разводе больше 30 миллионов

Recently a leading reality show “Dom-2” was accused that she was flying to Monaco on a date with a married tycoon for money. Olga has denied the rumors, saying that runs nonstop and can afford an expensive resort. And it’s true. Adding to the ranks of abandoned wives, Buzova did not lose heart, she has earned on their own divorce – Oh well, that any oligarch will envy. In addition, Olga revealed the creatively – singing about what her heart out. In another way, it can not. “StarHit” I felt that one only advertising on Instagram in the last six months the star has been enriched to 20 million rubles.

From crisps to Shoe insoles

For anybody not a secret that Instagram has turned into a platform for earnings. After her divorce from midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov the popularity of the leading “House-2” up to the heavens. That’s how Russian people – either hate or regret the world. Olga, however, was experienced and as any public person could not conceal the sad changes in his personal life.

The star was actively supported by the followers, whose number grew by leaps and bounds. In March, she was number 1 on the number of subscribers in the Russian Instagram and immediately raised the price of advertising in half. If last year to publish a promotional blog post stars was worth 120 thousand roubles, in the spring the price was already 250 thousand rubles. Buzova is energetically promoting everything that can be useful to the common people: Shoe insoles, chips, hotel for cats, washing machines, nasal drops… And it works! Estimated revenue for 6 months was 20 million rubles.

Only for love

Ольга Бузова заработала на разводе больше 30 миллионов

Like all stars, Olga earns more at corporate and private events.

“For half a million she will act as the lead on your holiday plus free sing 2-3 songs, – told the “StarHit” its Director Aram Archer. – A million rubles is a 45-minute concert Buzova as a singer. Bonus Olga can congratulate the birthday man and make with him a couple of photos. But private dinners need to discuss with her directly. If you give good, no question.”
Ольга Бузова заработала на разводе больше 30 миллионов

Club sites for the same price a little below and there are two options for testing. “The first is a talk show, continues Archer. – She goes on stage with two dancers and sings 3-4 songs played by a DJ set. This program is 750 thousand rubles. The second option is a performance for 45 minutes. Price – 850 thousand rubles.”

As a result, for the six months singer for private and club performances, no less than 11 million rubles. And whether still will be! According to Aram, schedule star painted until the beginning of 2018.


At the disposal of “StarHit” was the everyday rider stars. The Director, probably for security reasons, travels with her. The travel must be business class. Departure time from Sheremetyevo airport and only airline “Aeroflot”. Upon arrival Buzova need to meet you and take you to the hotel of level five stars on the car of a representation class’s the Mercedes, BMW or Lexus. Particular preference regarding rooms at artist no. Except that it must be a luxury with the presence of water without gas, fruit platters and a large number of towels.

Also, the organizer is obliged to provide meals for the whole group and agree on a restaurant. The variant of DSA – 7 thousand roubles a day. In the dressing room is obligatory cheese, juice, 10 bottles of still water, bottle of white wine, bottles of whiskey and hookah. During the concert program the scene you need to put the two guards… But where were they when Ola during a speech at a party in the framework of music festival “Heat” ran completely naked male?


Ольга Бузова заработала на разводе больше 30 миллионов

Buzova deftly manages to combine a musical career with the main work – since 2008, she leads the project “Dom-2” on TNT. And even if Olga will stop touring, salaries for telestroke enough for a comfortable life. According to some, the star gets half a million rubles a month. In addition, Olga has been in business. She has an online clothing store, Olga Buzova Design and boutique jewelry Bijouxroom, which she owns jointly with her sister Anne.

Despite a decent income, expenditure is also missing. The girl spends money not only on Louis Vuitton bags (200 thousand rubles) shoes Christian Louboutin (40 thousand rubles), restaurants and vacation in Monaco, but also on recording songs and shooting videos. In February she released her debut video for the song “Used”, where she appeared in sandals Jimmy Choo value of 90 thousand rubles and bracelets by Cartier for 400 thousand

“As much as I spent on the filming of this clip – the exact amount will not name, but it is calculated in the millions – I have never spent – confessed Buzova. – Unless the mother has bought an apartment, I have his no. I have no producers, sponsors, I invest in myself”.

Olga from her purse salaries Director, PR agent, and dancers. She has three dogs, which also need to be fed!