Борис Гребенщиков недоволен фильмом о Цое и рок-клубе The musician did not like the script. His impressions Boris Grebenshchikov shared at the anniversary concert of group “Aquarium” in St. Petersburg. This year the team celebrates its 45th anniversary.
Борис Гребенщиков недоволен фильмом о Цое и рок-клубе

A three-hour concert in the sport Palace “Yubileyny” group “Aquarium” and its leader Boris Grebenshikov celebrated its 45th anniversary. The musician rocked the audience with not only all your favorite hits, such as “Hello, sister”, “Rock-n-roll is dead”, “Babylon”, but also several new songs that he recorded in different years.

This concert was not traditional – no visitors, no huge banners, no celebratory speeches. Three hours once the phrase came about 45 years-an otherwise inattentive viewer who accidentally got to the concert, could not guess that the group celebrates its anniversary.

In the middle of the show, Boris decided to pour a spoonful of tar, remembering past years.

“I recently read the scenario in which the offer to make films about a rock club. And it turns out that all of us, and Vic and Mike were such good Soviet guys who wanted to get into the Winter, the intrigues each other. I think: “What nonsense, my God!” – said Grebenshchikov from the scene.
Борис Гребенщиков недоволен фильмом о Цое и рок-клубе

After the resounding applause of the hall Boris reminded everyone that the rockers have never been a “Soviet people”, and none of them were going to sell their dignity for handouts from the government.

Борис Гребенщиков недоволен фильмом о Цое и рок-клубе“We were just people, and to live we were just having fun. Therefore, I propose to continue in the same spirit,” said Grebenshchikov.

At some point Boris, looking around the audience, said, “I See a lot of familiar faces, who came here in the 80s, when we had problems with the law.” Indeed, when the musical direction was under the ban, the artists of the “Aquarium” often fell out of favour of law enforcement agencies, arranging underground concerts.

Despite all the rumors and speculation that Grebenshchikov is unwell and is experiencing heart problems, he decided to show on the stage this rocker: hopped, jumped, danced, lay on the floor, stood on his head and broken equipment. At some point, he grabbed his guitar and held it up to the amplifier, achieving a horrific grinding sound, and then just swung and hit him on the leg and knocked to the floor.