Дочь Ирины Хакамады устроила романтические каникулы с бойфрендом Maria Sirotino and her partner, athlete Vlad Sitdikov resting on the beach. Irina Khakamada sharing touching the heiress on the page in a social network. Members of the public figure said that the girl looks fantastic.
Дочь Ирины Хакамады устроила романтические каникулы с бойфрендом

Irina Khakamada has shown in his new picture to his daughter Mary Sirotinskiy. The successor to politics and her partner, world champion in bench-press Vlad Sitdikov resting on the beach. The young man gently embracing his beloved’s waist. The couple looks very happy. Maria meets with her boyfriend for almost a year. They appeared together at social events, and also participated in the charity project Fund “Syndrome of love.”

Daughter Irina Hakamada flashed at the premiere with her lover

Young people with down syndrome lead an active lifestyle and believe that you should never give up and sit back. Members Irina Khakamada admire her heir and praised the woman as she managed to raise a daughter, so that she was entering society.

“Sun”, “you Have a talented girl with a big and kind heart!”, “Wonderful guys”, “How you’ve grown Princess”, “Cool! Guy very straight man-to-man holds Mary”, “Love has no boundaries”, “The coolest thing they look happier than many other people”, “How nice that they found each other! Life will be full,” – wrote the policy followers.

Дочь Ирины Хакамады устроила романтические каникулы с бойфрендом

Some social media users call for lovers hurry to legalize the relationship and to get married. Vlad is actively sharing pictures from a trip with friends and acquaintances. The video teaches a young man chosen to play giant chess. During the holidays Sitdikov and Sirotinskiy attend parties and incendiary dancing to contemporary hits.

At the beginning of the month she celebrated the twentieth anniversary. Young man touching congratulated the girl on a social network. “She’s the sweetest, cheerful, positive, I’m never bored with her”, – says Vlad about his beloved.

Apparently, the young man gets along well with Maria’s mother. Woman happy for the child, as the Vlad she literally blossomed. Recall that the daughter of Irina Khakamada, Maria was born in 1997. Several years politician hid the baby from prying eyes, but over time, the daughter began to appear with her mother in public. Maria has been dancing, sport, draws a lot and studies English. Irina also has a son from his first marriage, Daniel.