Olga Buzova could not get rid of the memories of his past

Ольга Бузова не может избавиться от воспоминаний о своем прошлом The media personality posted a blatant post, in which he shared with fans his thoughts about pretense. Olga Buzova believes that it is often a happy smile on her face – a mask. Subscribers celebrities hastened to support the girl.

Olga Buzova is considered to be one of the most open stars of domestic show-business. The girl regularly tells followers of his microblog about the experiences and difficulties, and also shares the details of his personal life. So, today, the brunette posted the entry, in which was expressed the opinion about inner emptiness. Apparently, the actress still can not get rid of negative memories.

Ольга Бузова не может избавиться от воспоминаний о своем прошлом
“You know what we do most often? Lie! Lie that the crowd that had accumulated in our environment, patch holes in our souls and a feeling of emptiness like leaves but emptiness inside and the mob outside and this feeling is not affected. We lie that each of us is free, but know that everyone on someone fixated and someone is bound. We assure everyone around, that we have forgotten all our past, former, but it’s a lie – we remember each one to himself admitted,” wrote Buzova.

The singer also believes that the smile disappears from the face, as man remains alone with himself. With this statement agreed, and fans of stars. They left hundreds of comments under the post Olga. Netizens have supported his idol in a difficult life period and wished to gain strength and patience. However, not all followers reacted positively to the philosophical arguments of the leading “House-2”. Some of them considered that such texts Buzova just fuels the interest to the person.

“Olga, darling, we are with you! Everything will pass and be forgotten, cheer up”, “Very beautiful and correct thoughts. Of course, from the past just will not go away, but try not to dwell on it so much and move on,” “Oh, all tired of whining. You have a profile just sad texts about the former. Focus on the positive”, “You are the best! No need to be sad – just ahead of the fun! May 2018 will bring a real and intelligent love, no nonsense and hypocrisy” – shared views fans of the stars.

By the way, Buzova assumes that people who deny the existence of love, I lie. According to her, deep down, everyone always remembered all the ex-lovers. Some readers of the microblog singer took such a statement as “warm” feelings for Dmitry Tarasov – a former spouse of the actress. However, such comments Olga does not react.

“We lie that some people have gone out of our lives and trace it from them gone, but know, after they trampled down whole paths that we never let go. We lie, killing time with the wrong, us well, but we know what is in the soul of the gap from the lost time and the feeling of dirt on the soul and the body,” said the celebrity.