Tatiana Vasilieva spoke about her husband’s infidelity and asked for forgiveness from their children

Татьяна Васильева рассказала об изменах мужа и попросила прощения у своих детей The actress made a very personal secrets. On the First channel showed a documentary film dedicated to Tatiana Vasilyeva. Star remembered the most difficult and the most happy periods of his own life.
Татьяна Васильева рассказала об изменах мужа и попросила прощения у своих детей

Tatiana Vasilieva is known for his candor. The star never hesitates to Express his opinion and is not afraid of public condemnation. Fans appreciate the artist for the ability to defend own position in any situation.

In the documentary “Tatyana Vasilyeva. Cat on a hot tin roof” star revealed some of his secrets, which he chose not to tell you sooner. So, the actress revealed why he broke up with second husband Georgi Martirosyan after ten years of marriage.

“He was popular with women, for it was a real war. Often I called some women talked about their relationship, and asked that I not interfere. Besides her husband escalated the conflict with his son. They are every day worse communicated with each other. George impaling the authoritarian model of behavior, and I never in my life the hand is not raised. When the son grew up, I realized that it would end in tears and need something to decide,” said the star.

Heart Vasilyeva freely, but she does not feel lonely. Star tries to have all the free time to spend with their children and grandchildren. According to the artist, due to the acting profession, she was unable to give heirs in a timely and complete love. Tatyana was often absent and a lot of work, and now feels bad about it.

“In my profession I gave the kids everything I could. I was literally torn between home and theatre. However, if I were not an actress, I would give them a billion times more. Still worried that we don’t have enough time,” said the actress.

Now the star’s blaming herself for what had little contact with the older grandchildren. John and Gregory were living with their mother in Germany. Tatiana Vasilieva is in conflict with the daughter-in-law, because the ex-wife of her son, in her opinion, has always pursued materialistic goals.

“She made me tough conditions. Required a decent amount for every appointment with her grandchildren. My son earns a little, so I was paying out of pocket. And recently, she did not let the children of the sea” – remembered grudge movie star.

Two months later, Tatyana Vasilyeva will turn 71, but she’s still full of energy. Star continues to play in the theatre, also appears in movies and TV series. Fans do not get tired to admire the vigor of the actress and of course her ability to choose roles.