Ольга Бузова копирует стиль Собчак

TV presenter chose the dress for the New year. It was similar to that in which shone at a recent dinner party Ksenia Sobchak.

TV presenter Olga Buzova, who recently separated from her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov, is going through a difficult period. But tries not to lose heart and lifts my mood favorite female ways, such as shopping.

Recently Olga went shopping to choose outfits for the New year. Results it hastened to descend in Instagram:

“The most important thing in the lives of women is to be beautiful and happy! The outfits and accessories of the brand Bella Potemkina delight us every season! For new year’s dress, of course, looked into her boutique! We picked up my chic new looks for the New year! Sure ahead of all of us a lot of beautiful and bright! One only has to create the perfect image!”

In the photo Olga posing next to fashion designer evening dress silver color with a smell.

Subscribers outfit said “that’s a pretty dress”, “How cool she dressed. Really like”. However, there were those who rebuked presenter: “Olga you create beautiful images, why she does not wear, and all run to a stranger?”

But the most interesting was the fact that Olga’s dress is very similar to the outfit, which recently appeared at the party Ksenia Sobchak. She had on a silver dress MIDI length, no cut, but with a belt. Curiously, both ladies complemented the red accents image: Xenia is a lipstick, Olga – choker.