Не повторять: с Мэрайей Кэри случился модный казус

The singer made not one, but three fashion fail – one after the other. Star overzealous with their festive outfits.

Mariah Carey hard to call it stylish and elegant star: almost every tree is a challenge to society. Blame the passion of the singer by Frank dresses and deep cleavage. What to do if she loves to show her Breasts to the world!

This time Carey outdid herself and did not one fashion failure, but three! Star is already taking part in Christmas shows and concerts, and therefore appears on the people specially selected for this occasion the toilets. And all of them have something in common – the impressive dimensions of the V-neck.

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Christmas Mariah wardrobe were three outfits with a deep neckline and sequined – one more beautiful than the other. Their only disadvantage was, in fact, in the same neckline that each of the costumes looked vulgar and pretentious. Especially ridiculous look silver dress with some sort of tape on his chest. However, judging by the cheery face of Mariah, such details her fashion failures are not considered.