Olga Buzova complained about the betrayal of close friends

Ольга Бузова пожаловалась на предательство близких подруг The presenter open up in Instagram. Olga Buzova did not mention the names of the people in his entourage who was disappointed. Fans were quick to support the star and to praise her work.
Ольга Бузова пожаловалась на предательство близких подруг

Last weekend, Moscow hosted the first solo concert of Olga Buzova. The event generated an incredible hype and tickets were sold out several weeks before. The presenter shared emotions and expressed gratitude to everyone who was there in such an important day for her. However, the star was disappointed, as are faced with a betrayal by some friends. This she said in Instagram.

“So many meetings fleeting and false friends. After my solo concerts, I once again convinced of this. it hurts, but I’ll manage. Not my first time. Thank you that you are always with me. Love and accept me always and no matter what”, – shared his emotions Olga.

Fans were quick to suggest several hypotheses with regards to the incident. Most of them agreed that someone from the close friends Buzova did not support her during the first recitals that really hurt the girl. “Olga, don’t worry. You have a large group of like-minded people from among the faithful and loving people”, “You’re strong and can handle it” “the Main thing that nearby relatives. Sister and parents were at the concert, and their warmth nothing can replace”, – expressed his opinion the subscribers of the artist.

After a Grand show in the capital Olga threw a party, which invited friends and relatives. The event was seen sister star Anna Buzova, Maria Pogrebnyak, and many others. Holiday guests partied till morning, and the presenter played them a few songs from their own repertoire.

Earlier Olga repeatedly told about the betrayal of close friends. However the girl tries to relate to similar frustrations with its inherent philosophy.

“Part of the friends dropped out. If the 30-year anniversary came 200 people, on this day of birth, when celebrated 31-year – only 25! That count. But I’m happy with. There are people who know me, I love and will support in any minute. This is important. Among them is my sister Anna, friend Olga she is from Peter’s wife footballers Masha Pogrebnyak, Marina Kasaeva and others… open to the new people I’m not ready. Too many turned on me. I know how “friends”, putting my hands in my pants to your husband. Went through everything,” said Olga earlier in an interview with “StarHit”.

Many fans Buzova assumed her post on Borodina. According to fans, Olga could hurt the absence of co-presenter on her solo concerts. Ksenia for a long time did not respond to critical attacks in the address, but in the end still decided to clarify the situation.

“Leave me alone with the topic, where do I go and with whom I make friends, I have never had a problem and never will be, because I have friends tested over the years, with whom I will stay for a lifetime! As you have noticed, I have almost no friends in show business, there are many people with whom I communicate, who I respect, but I have friends there for sure! I don’t believe in this friendship and I will never believe in it. Perhaps there are exceptions, but I have not seen” – wrote in Instagram Borodin.

Now Olga focused on her musical career. It does not intend to stop there. Plans Buzova recording new songs, working on television and videos. The star admitted that the heavy workload helps her to escape from the sad thoughts. According to the star, its achievements in different fields talking about the correctness of the chosen path.

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