Ольгу Бузову предал 22-летний бойфренд
The presenter learned the bitter truth about the new Beau.

Olga Buzova and Roman Gritsenko

Photo: Social Networks

Olga Buzova pathologically unlucky in personal life. After the divorce with Dmitry Tarasov of the relationship of Telewest absolutely not “glued” relationships with men. Recently it became known that Olga had on the participant “Houses-2” Roman Gritsenko. He openly spoke about their feelings to the leading of the project a couple of months ago. Then everyone took his words for trying to “propiaritsya” by Buzova. But gradually the audience began to believe the young man. And then in the sincerity of his feelings and believed herself Olga. About a month ago the camera gets couple’s first kiss…

And so, when His was already in the verge to officially declare itself, and Gritsenko couple, she learned that a boyfriend hitting on a member of the controversial “telestroke”. It broke Olga’s heart, as this is not the first case when close to men “go” to the other girls.

Between Hrytsenko and Buzova had a Frank conversation. Olga with tears in his eyes spoke of his betrayal, but the novel tried to justify. His main argument was the “inaccessibility” Buzova. “I don’t think it’s normal, but I spent three months courting the girl I madly in love, and I did not see anything in return!” — said in justification of Gritsenko.

Answer Olga, apparently put an end to their relationship. “Madly in love? Here don’t ever ever say that to me. I forbid you from now on to talk to someone that I once liked. It’s a lie, a complete lie!” — said offended Buzova.