Татьяна Навка: «Нет пары, у которой не было бы конфликтов»
The athlete told about his family.

Tatiana Navka

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Tatiana Navka said that under her influence her husband, Dmitry Peskov, has become much better understand figure skating.

“Of course, the coat from Axel to distinguish he is not yet ready, — Tatyana smiles. But at the level of “like — not like” we can discuss and Evgeny Medvedev, and Alina Sagitova. The funny opinion from my husband I heard after he came once to us at a rehearsal of the show and saw two acrobats involved in the performance. They are not professional skaters, but perform on the ice unique tricks, already captures the spirit. And these guys her husband the most and shocked. (Laughs.) He says, “No, you’re good, you’re fine, but that’s the acrobats…” But seriously, my family is my most important criticism. I am very pleased that for many months they all have been so supportive and inspirational.”

The famous athlete has compared family life with figure skating.

“I would not have become Olympic champion, if I didn’t know how to overcome difficulties. Yes, you need to be able to bite the bullet, be able to forgive and forget the wrongs and go forward… Quarrels and disputes are inevitable part of any creative process, especially when partners care about what they do. Emotions cool down, mind included, we go out on the ice and continue to work on. It’s like in family life, because no pair, in which there would be no conflict. But if people really love each other and are able to forgive, they find ways to compromise”

Full interview with Tatiana Navka read in the latest issue of the magazine “7 days”.