Ольгу Бузову и Дмитрия Тарасова тянет друг к другу Former spouses are in Rome. Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov happened to be in Italy, and before that was in Spain. Fans speculate that perhaps the TV presenter and athlete specially chosen the same city.

      TV presenter Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov footballer at the end of the year is officially divorced. This news upset fans “tarabostes”, who believed the Union celebrities indestructible. They believed that they would be able to forgive each other offenses and not to bring the case to rasstavaniya. At the right time: how brands, restaurants and the stars cashed in on divorce “Tarabrikov”

      Now fans once again have hope that Olga and Dmitri will be reunited. The fact that after the holidays Buzova, as Tarasov, began to frequent abroad. Attentive fans noticed that the ex-wife constantly refuse close to each other. At the moment the girl is in Rome. Interestingly, in the Italian capital and is now her ex-husband Dmitry Tarasov. As it turned out, the athlete recuperates at the clinic. Member of the national team of Russia on football is not as often shared photos on his microblog, but the medic in Rome do not miss the opportunity to be photographed with the sports star and published a frame in social networks.

      “After four months since the operations, the national team of Russia Dmitry Tarasov returned to pass the examination with Professor Mariani,” wrote the man in the Network.

      Olga, meanwhile, visiting museums, walking around the city and meets up with friends who by chance was in Rome. So it is possible that old lovers can meet on the streets of the city.

      Last week TV presenter celebrated her 31st birthday in a circle of close friends. The girls stopped in the Spanish city of Madrid, and visited the prestigious seaside resort of Puerto Banus. Just two dozen kilometers at the training camp was Dmitry Tarasov. Fans believe that it is likely a coincidence of location is not accidental.

      “It has, of course, right, but I wouldn’t go though, because that will begin to discuss “follows the former”. And seriously, it is. Although of course, no one will say out loud”, “Sure thing, butting in. Though struts, adjust, adjust. Not that pride girl, wings folding and rely on the will of God. All makes, calculated and with far sight”, “what? Maybe she is now pre to call his coach and learn the route their fees to it to give to run into him. Nonsense, she’s free to go and live where he wants and with whom wants. The former he former” – discussing partial pair Tarasova and Buzova.