Никита Джигурда устроил истерику в «Пусть говорят» The flamboyant actor originally responded to the accusations. Nikita Dzhigurda appeared in the program, to tell the truth about the multi-million dollar will. However, guests in the Studio were keen to Express their opinions, drowning out the voice of the artist.

      Никита Джигурда устроил истерику в «Пусть говорят»

      For several months there is a fierce struggle for the estate of the deceased under mysterious circumstances businesswomen Lyudmila Bratash. According to one version of the will about one billion rubles should go outrageous pair of Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina those. However, sister businesswoman Svetlana Romanova believes that the actor has forged documents and has no right to claim the property. The second day in the program “Let them talk” guests in the Studio trying to figure out who is right in this story. Nikita Dzhigurda keeps hitting in the fight for multi-million dollar inheritance


      Today to support Nikita Dzhigurda came his buddy Bari Alibasov. He tried to understand why Lyudmila Bratash was hostile attitude to her sister. However the woman are unable to answer this question, as the Studio guests decided to speak at once, trying to Express their point of view.

      Nikita constantly outraged reaction of the audience and tried to prove his innocence. Alibasova even had to calm his friend to continue a normal discussion of the problem in the program.

      Никита Джигурда устроил истерику в «Пусть говорят»

      Svetlana suggested that all papers were written under dictation, but experts suggested that the sisters no evidence for such loud statements.

      In the Studio there was a psychic of Ziraddin Rzayev, to shed light on this history. He is familiar with the outrageous pair since 2008. The medium reported that he had spoken with Marina Anisina those, which he admitted the existence of the original will. However, the man couldn’t speak as Nikita Dzhigurda walked around the Studio and chattels that he is the winner of international awards, so it must be trusted. Ziraddin said he knew what the outcome of this case, but will not speak because he didn’t want to take sides in this conflict. After a while Rzayev was forced to announce the feeling and he confessed that the court will side with the sisters Bratash.

      Никита Джигурда устроил истерику в «Пусть говорят»

      Guests in the Studio also remembered that Nikita Dzhigurda accuses the driver of Dmitry Bratash Kurenova the death of the boss. The argument the artist was talking about how before a man came to the house of his girlfriend. Daughter men rasskazli that he worked with entrepreneurs for 22 years. The girl doesn’t understand: if the will was written in 2010, with a request to protect her from Kuranova why Bratash not fired in this case, his subordinate.

      The artist suggested that the driver was injected with Lyudmila drugs, so Nikita had nothing to do with it. However, she said that, according to her father, Bratash was going to write the update via the police at Least, as she was missing things.

      Никита Джигурда устроил истерику в «Пусть говорят»

      When in the Studio included the wife of the driver Kuranova Dzhigurda began to whistle, not to give the opportunity to talk to a woman. Not paying attention to Nikita, the woman reported his vision of the situation. According to her version, Lyudmila never used drugs. Nikita considered the woman’s words nonsense, swearing, continued to whistle, and walked around the Studio, simultaneously arguing with the experts. Dzhigurda boasted that his wife is an Olympic champion, but his mistress was a rich businesswoman, that is, Lyudmila Bratash.

      The lawyer representing the inters Dzhigurda and Anisina, said that the struggle is worth much more than 800 million rubles. It is reported that the court sent all the necessary documents to prove the truth of his customers. Andrey Malakhov has made the emphasis on the fact that looks strange is the fact that in his will made note that no one believed the driver and her sister.

      At the end of the program Jim Carrey confessed his love to his wife Marina Anisina those. He promised that he will definitely prove his innocence.