Помощница Людмилы Зыкиной рассказала, что стало с ее квартирой Tatiana Slinkova several years lived with a famous singer and helped her with the housework. After leaving Zykina in the life of the housekeeper has been dragged into the conflict with inheritance. The fact that the actress recorded at her cottage. This caused outrage on the part of the nephews of the late star.

      Помощница Людмилы Зыкиной рассказала, что стало с ее квартирой

      The famous singer Lyudmila Zykina dead for almost eight years. However, her fans still listen to her songs. After the death of the artist left an impressive legacy. In particular, one part was the assistant Lyudmila Zykina Tatiana Slinkova.

      The woman admits that for a long time wanted to meet a great artist. Tatiana recalls how she met a star. First Tatiana often went to concerts of his idol, and later got a job as a painter in the house on Kotelnicheskaya embankment, where she was an artist. Once the performer of Russian romances noticed her.

      “I always knew that I was going to live with Lyudmila Georgievna. She was my most dear person”, – told Tatiana to “Live”.

      According to friends Zykina, she was very kind and willingly went on contact with ordinary people. Some time later, after a personal acquaintance with Tatiana star invited her to his job as a typist, and then to live. Until the last days Svincova was courting Lyudmila Georgievna. Tatiana has graduated from a special medical courses to help the star of the stage. When Zykina died, a part of the inheritance went to her assistant.

      “Tanya, will you rewrite everything,” said Zykina. “No, I want to live,” said Tanya,” recalls friend Swingaway.
      Помощница Людмилы Зыкиной рассказала, что стало с ее квартирой

      Assistant star says Zykina was the main judge. After the death of Lyudmila Georgievna started a dispute over the property of the artist. The country singer in the Archangel were recorded on Svincova. There were repeated searches.

      A special subject of much debate among nephews Lyudmila Georgievna was the apartment on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment. Elena Loseva, girlfriend Zykina, came to the program and hinted that this housing is fully disposed of Tatiana. Elderly woman accused her that she took pictures of the apartment.

      Svincova explained that she didn’t touch anything in the rooms, and there was no personal belongings of the artist.

      “Lyudmila Georgievna’t lived there since 1996, and since 2005, when she got hip, she wasn’t up there. Was made the overhaul. Changed everything. There could not be hers,” explained Svincova.

      By the way, the nephews Zykina got some rare items artist. In particular, they got the honorary award of the star. According to the guests of the program, the heirs put the order on one of the auctions, and awards went under the hammer.

      Apartment on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment suffered a strange fate. This property was resold 4 times. Now her fifth owner, but just a few years ago in this place wanted to open a Museum.