Олеся Судзиловская поделилась полным любви семейным фото The famous actress showed feelings of father and sons. Olesya Sudzilovskaya on family holidays in Mallorca, where she does the touching images that evoke the delight of her fans.

      Олеся Судзиловская поделилась полным любви семейным фото

      Olesya Sudzilovskaya has brought joy to his fans in the Day of family, love and fidelity. The actress has published in honor of the holiday on his page in Instagram touching photo. The picture of her husband, businessman Sergey Zebani, gently embracing the sons, who in turn hug each other. My. All the holiday family! Love, understanding and respect”, – signed photo of the star.

      In the center of the frame the little Mike, but his face covered with a funny picture. Despite the fact that the Oles recently baptized son, she prefers not to show it to the public. The boy is now a little over six months. Maybe when he grows up, Sudzilovskaya show for someone like her heir. However, fans suggest that he is charming in any case, because both of his parents, charismatic and pretty.

      Interestingly, the actress is back in perfect shape only six months after childbirth. In proof of this fact, she has published in the microblog selfie in a tracksuit. On the picture you can clearly see inflated press star. “Good morning everyone! Hi, Mallorca! In the same place, in the same house, only now it’s four! Rest, – I wrote to Olesya. Soon pizza will be inside, and while she on the pocket. Thanks for the “funny” t-shirt and a great sports costume!”

      Most likely, Sudzilovskaya sitting on a strict diet. At least to the desired mark on the scale she still needs to lose a few extra pounds. Therefore, the actress boldly writes that soon will be able to afford pizza. But while it takes great will power. “How is it? When impossible, but if you really want, you can? Resist. And my men like to eat burgers made from beef” – shares with the fans of star.

      Olesya Sudzilovskaya was baptized a son

      It is worth Recalling that in matters of personal life Olesya is not as open as in the topic of weight loss. About the second pregnancy of the actress, the public learned only in the later stages, when the belly it was impossible to hide. Then Sudzilovskaya had long kept secret the name of the newborn. Only recently fans of the actress learned that the boy was the original name Mike.

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