Юлия Высоцкая вновь стала жертвой Интернет-аферистов Actress and TV presenter is not registered in the social network. Scammers once again use her photos to create fake accounts. The representatives deny the involvement of Yulia Vysotskaya to the appearance of supposedly her page on the Network.

      Юлия Высоцкая вновь стала жертвой Интернет-аферистов

      Social networks allow you to share with many friends and acquaintances with their experiences, reflections, and colorful photos and videos. Fans of celebrities use this opportunity to see how live idols. A public persona pleased to demonstrate a huge number of people happy and sad moments. However, not all artists strive to flaunt your life. Some deliberately refuse to social networks, preferring a live chat.

      Scammers, using the lack of official pages of some stars, create accounts under the famous names. Also happened with the actress and TV presenter Yulia Vysotskaya. Scammers have created a fake web page celebrity. Now unknown with clear purpose publish her pictures and communicate with subscribers in the comments.

      As it became known “StarHit”, the presenter didn’t make an account in Instagram.

      “Julia Vysotskaya and Production Center of Andrei Konchalovsky’s irrelevant to the account”, – assured the representatives of the actress.

      Unsuspecting fans of Julia rush to welcome her back in the social network. “How do you not enough! Missed you! Thank you! Happiness!”, “Glad to see you and read!”, “Good morning, Julia! Welcome to Instagram,” wrote a follower.

      In the beginning of the year on behalf of Yulia also created a page in Instagram. Just a few days gathered several thousands of subscribers who wanted to know more about the life of the beloved actress. But then the fans were disappointed – the page was the fake. Julia Vysotskaya has not been back to “Instagram”

      Vysotskaya said that will keep my private life private and stop appearing in social networks. She has remained true to its principles and to share details of their lives with outsiders remains unwilling.

      Yulia said in an interview that it has revised the Outlook on their own life and their presence on the Internet. She regretted that very actively engaged in social networks, talking to outsiders about their joys and the successes of the family. Then the actress said that virtual communication with the world it is banned. If before Julia was ready to share with the whole world happiness, but now the family is closed. Julia: “When I hear at the end of the play that we have to live, I think we need to live”

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