Oleg Vinnik pining for the deceased family

Олег Винник тоскует по погибшей семье After breaking up with Kate with Susan, the man often remembers his wife and children. Oleg Vinnik lost loved ones in the plane crash over the Sinai Peninsula in October 2015. After the tragedy, he tried to establish a personal life with a leading “House-2”, however, their relationship didn’t stand the test of time.
Олег Винник тоскует по погибшей семье

Oleg winnick was one of those who lost relatives in a plane crash over the Sinai Peninsula, when the plane was flying from Sharm El Sheikh to St Petersburg. In October 2015 the tragedy claimed the lives of 224 people. Among them were the wife and two children of a businessman Oleg Vinnik. Still the man can not come to terms with a tragic loss and looks at the photo archive, where he was so happy surrounded by wife Marianne and heirs. Oleg Vinnik about the deceased in a plane crash his wife: “I love her still”

“Time does not heal. We just get used to the pain, learn to live with her, and she becomes a part of us,” wrote Oleg in the microblog.

Winnick told in the documentary, I met Marianne at a party outside the city. Despite the fact that the girl seemed impregnable, he plucked up courage and took the first step. “When we met, I was in the company of quite wealthy young people. These are called “Golden youth”. But Marianne, I saw a modest girl who had a bag and a half thousand rubles and never give the value of tchotchke. When I learned that she came from a wealthy family, for me it was a shock,” recalled the businessman.

The last time Oleg Vinnik mentioned, when talking about the leading “House-2” Kate Susan. The pair spent a lot of time together – they went to travel and appear at social events. Kate has published in the microblog live from the kitchen showcasing the culinary skills of men. Fans were pleased that Kate met a decent man, and believed that she can be a comfort to the widower.

Fans watched with interest the development of relations between Winnick and Susan. Between the lovers was erupting – they quarreled and then reconciled. Point in the novel put Kate – she admitted she was smitten with feelings for his old friend Cyril. Despite the fact that the presenter was familiar with the man for a long time, only recently she felt a stronger connection, and Oleg ever deleted from life.

Young woman admitted that in mid-July had to go down the aisle with Vinnik, but then he realized that their relationship does not conform to its notions of the ideal. Susan broke off the engagement with Winnick for a new boyfriend