Son of Alexander Domogarova was on the verge of poverty

Сын Александра Домогарова оказался на грани нищеты The descendant of actor did not intend to ask for his help. The young man, trying themselves in the directing field, remained without work and means of subsistence. Alexander Domogarov Jr. admitted to “StarHit” that lives on a teacher’s salary my mother.
Сын Александра Домогарова оказался на грани нищеты

While Alexander Domogarov-senior in – demand, touring the country with the play “the Cherry orchard” and involved in the filming of the movie “Gardemariny-4,” his 28-year-old son from his second marriage with makeup artist Irina Gunenkova going through difficult times.

“I have trouble with the work, says Domogarov Jr. – It is all there! And money too… I Live at my mother’s teacher’s salary. How many teachers in schools get? Crammed into a small apartment. If there is little money available, put repair”.

Some time Alexander was moonlighting, doing shooting promotional videos to order for the online portals. However, in the crisis, the business Sasha failed.

“Last resort went to my directorial debut, “Suffer little children” on a story by American writer Stephen king, continues the young man. – My dream is to shoot another full-length, don’t want to leave the profession… Movie – the meaning of my life. But, of course, without a stable income or financial support is indispensable in this area”.
Сын Александра Домогарова оказался на грани нищеты

Ask for help from a stellar father Domogarov Jr. is not going to. “We have normal relations with the Pope, we communicate, – Alexander tells. But if the bag is completely empty, save friends. They are always helping me out. Now on the horizon, a single order is. Hopefully, it will allocate a decent budget, and then the fee will help me for a month or two. You can see it will get finally earned the money and won’t think about where to scrape together the petrol.”

When the heir to the stars movie will have the means to invest he also plans to rescue a country house in the village, which the father at the time came over to him. Journalists have repeatedly reported that housing is in a deplorable state, and the debt on contributions for it is increasing. In this family nest Alexander Domogarov Jr. spent his childhood, so the idea of giving up possessions does he not even consider. The Director hopes to bring order to the ramshackle house and preserve it for future generations. Son of Alexander Domogarova intends to correct his mistakes