Олег Винник перестал скрывать новые отношения The man spent the weekend with fiancee Catherine. Winnick shared a Sunny snapshot from a walk in the social network. Previously he had not posted the footage combines with a sweetheart, probably the fear of judgment.
Олег Винник перестал скрывать новые отношения

A few days ago, the Network broke the hot discussion of the new lady of Oleg Vinnik. A man previously dated TV presenter “House-2” by Katya Zhuzha. Many considered them the perfect couple, but the lovers are unable to resolve the conflicts and severed relations. People who closely followed the novel, to the last hoped that they will come together again. But this did not happen and each of them started looking for a new love. Discussing beloved Oleg Vinnik

A few weeks Oleg Vinnik was trying not to show the relationship with the inhabitant of Petersburg by Catherine, but this weekend he still showed the picture with the chosen one on the page in a social network. As in the Northern capital the weather was good, they went for a walk with friends. Subscribers winnick acknowledged that next to Kate and he looks pretty happy.

“Oleg, you’re just super”, “Beautiful!”, “Let everything be good, Oleg, I wish you happiness, I wish destiny loved you!”, “You be cool” – he left nice words followers.

Catherine works for an Italian company which sells flooring and doors. Free time the choice of the businessman prefers to travel. Oleg has a sweetheart attentions: she leaves nice comments and “laykaet” photos, and recently even sent a magnificent bouquet of flowers. The girl boasted nice show on the page in a social network. Last week, the pair was out together to the cinema. Members of the businessman noticed that on the page each of them have a frame on the background of pink hearts and Charlie Chaplin.

We will remind that Oleg Vinnik and Kate Susan finally broke up in March of this year. They were engaged and wanted to get married. However, the leading “House-2” fell in love with another man. Her new lover was the Director of Anna Sedokova Kirill Pavlov. Susan has officially stated that Winnick them all over. “I want to say that today I with Oleg nothing else connects! This man is no more and never will be in my life! Never!” – this post has left Kate.