People’s artist of the RSFSR Irina Kartasheva died after a long illness

Народная артистка РСФСР Ирина Карташева умерла после тяжелой болезни Famous actress died on 95-th year of life in Moscow. Representatives of the Theater Mossovet, where Irina Pavlovna worked for about 70 years, said that she is a long time suffered from a severe illness. Fans of Kartashevaa condolences to her family and friends.
Народная артистка РСФСР Ирина Карташева умерла после тяжелой болезни

Today it became known that in Moscow, died on 94-year-old actress Irina Kartasheva. Sad news announced in the Theater Mossovet, where Irina Pavlovna worked since 1947. On the website of the cultural institutions it is written that Kartasheva passed away after a long illness. The date and time of parting with a celebrity to be announced.

“The theatre Mossovet with deep sorrow informs that on 14 may 95-m to year of life has died the national actress of Russia Irina p. Kartashev. The loss is irreparable. The bright memory. Details about the date and time of farewell will notify separately,” a post appeared on the page of the cultural institutions on Facebook.

Many fans of Irina Kartasheva my condolences go out to her family and friends. “Very very sorry”, “May she rest in peace”, “Beautiful, talented with amazing voice… And how many beauties from foreign films she is voiced in the dub! The bright memory”, “Long life. Bravo!”, “Wonderful”, “was Not Irina Pavlovna… the Diamond Theater Mossovet. It is admired as an actress and as a woman. What a wonderful generation is leaving”, “I Have no words,” write the users of social networks.

Народная артистка РСФСР Ирина Карташева умерла после тяжелой болезни

Recall that Irina Kartasheva was born 4 Nov 1922 in Petrograd. When the future star studied at the Leningrad theatre Institute, began the Great Patriotic war. The day before the beginning of the siege Kartasheva left the city. Together with his fellow artists Irina Pavlovna went to the front.

“We are somehow God kept! And we were starting from Tula to Orel, Orel we were an hour and a half after the capture of the city. We saw all these terrible battles, uprooting trees, but made us wonderful!” – recalls the actress.

After hostilities ended, Kartasheva started to work at the Alexandrinsky theatre. Two years later, Irina Pavlovna the first time came on the scene Tetra Mossovet, which he gave 70 years of his life. In different years the woman worked together with many famous Actresses, including Faina Ranevskaya and Lyubov Orlova.

Fans of theatrical art believed Irina Kartasheva a living legend. Many admired this woman never ceased to amaze others with their amazing acting and stunning appearance. In addition to working in the theatre, Irina Pavlovna took part in the dubbing of famous foreign paintings and animated films. Kartashevaa voice can be heard in such films as “Rocco and his brothers”, “Purely English murder”, “Roman holiday” and “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi”.