Олег Табаков рассказал о разногласиях с женой The Director has a lot of reason to quarrel with his wife Marina Suginoi. Celebrity couple admitted that they have different views on many things, including on vacation. Marina Zudina loves walks, and Oleg Tabakov does not see any sense in this.

      Олег Табаков рассказал о разногласиях с женой

      Artistic Director of the Chekhov Moscow art theatre, the famous actor and Director Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina actress for twenty years happily married, which was created after a secret romance with a length of ten years. For Suginoi people’s artist left his former family after the divorce son and daughter Tabakov from his first marriage refused to communicate with him.

      Oleg Tabakov was first told about the reasons of rupture with his wife

      As found by the journalists of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” NTV, idyllic relations Suginoi Marina and Oleg Tabakov can not be named. There is one issue on which over the decades of living together they never reached consensus. The star couple different approaches to the organization of free time. Marina Zudina loves to walk in Moscow, to meet same of Oleg Tabakov strolling around the capital is impossible. And it’s not the age of 80-year-old Maestro or fatigue, people’s artist just all need a purpose, idle vacillation he can not stand on the spirit. “I work a lot, I have no free time at all, – said in an interview with the authors of “You won’t believe!” Oleg Tabakov. – I run two theatres and school I have theater for talented children. You know someone else who works so hard?”

      Олег Табаков рассказал о разногласиях с женой

      But Marina Zudina loves walking through the crooked streets of Moscow, in comfortable shoes and weather permitting, of course. This habit has remained with her ever since my youth, when a student she had an affair with a famous artist and their teacher Oleg Tabakov.

      “I went from Pure ponds to GITIS, especially when experienced on different occasions, mostly because of the relationship with Oleg Pavlovich, – admits Marina Zudina today. – I walk very discharged”.

      Twenty years of marriage, the actress has been invited to the walks my husband, but folk artist refuses every time. Its even on vacation not to pull out of the hotels and cafes. Here and in the shot of Marina Zudina’s husband offered to walk. “Oleg Pavlovich, and let’s walk across Moscow!”, she said the spouse. “What?” – lifted one eyebrow in surprise.

      “He doesn’t like walking. He even in Paris, I walked – smiling Zudina, telling reporters about her husband. – Sat in the room. I was walking alone. Took himself in hand and went to wander, all blocks of artists bypassed. There is such a colorful atmosphere!” On the habits of beloved Marina is just laughing, because walking is the only stumbling block to their happy life.

      We will remind, Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina got married in 1995 after a decade-long affair. Your care of the family Oleg Tabakov commented: “no matter How corny it sounds, came lyubof-f-f…”. From his marriage to first wife, actress Lyudmila Krylova Tabakov have two children – son Anton and daughter Sasha. Besides, the actor has three grandchildren who are older than his youngest children from his marriage with Marina Suginoi: Nikita, Anna and Pauline.

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