Поклонники не могут поверить в смерть Джека Блэка Fans of popular actor believe that the news of his passing is nothing more than a cruel joke, while journalists actively investigate the alleged death of a star. And so it proved in fact. While Jack black was sleeping, his mates played the whole world.

    Поклонники не могут поверить в смерть Джека Блэка

    Today, the Network appeared the news that the 46-year-old comedic actor Jack black, best known for the films “School of rock” and “thunder” died this weekend in the United States. The cause of death of the star, the message of his loved ones, unknown. The sad event occurred late at night at 4 a.m. local time. That the celebrity passed away, the first wrote in the official Twitter account of rock band Tenacious D. This publication was also provided with the hashtag “#RipJackBlack”.

    “It is sad to report that Jack black died at the age of 46. Rest in peace, brother”, — wrote in social networks Kyle Gass, a friend and colleague of black.

    After this news many fans of the actor began to wonder. Some of them believe that a tweet of a musical group, performing to black nothing more than a bad joke, they refuse to believe. At the moment the news of the demise of the Hollywood stars are actively discussing on the Internet. Users write: “Intrigue”, “Where actually is Jack black, Jack black is not dead, you hear me”, “I’m in shock,” “Another cruel prank”, “Tenacious D Account hacked?”, “I believe it’s a lie”, “the Legend will always live in our hearts”, “the Internet is once again “killed” Jack black?”, “Don’t believe everything you read online.”

    After a couple of hours of Gress hastened to tell fans of the comic the truth. As it turned out, the actor slept while his buddy played on the public. “Legend is still alive, it’s all right”, — shared the good sense of humor in social networks.

    Поклонники не могут поверить в смерть Джека Блэка

    Concerned about what could happen to an actor, journalists and his fans even conducted its own investigation, while Kyle enjoyed the scale of their jokes. They remembered that the last time the actor was seen on Friday at the Rock Am Ring festival in Germany. As always happy and cheerful, Jack black performed with Kyle. Nothing boded trouble, but a strong rain, which, by the way, the event ended a day earlier than scheduled. Media reported that on the first day of live music from lightning strikes injured 82 people.

    Foreign media representatives were also able to learn that a few hours before the announcement of his death Jack black had a rest together with the music producer Diplo. They issued a joint photo in Snapchat. According to the calculations of representatives of the media, the actor died almost immediately after the meeting with his counterpart. Turns out, he was the last person who saw Jack, but the American DJ does not show that he was worried or upset about something.

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