Yulia Baranovskaya presented his book about life with Arshavin

Юлия Барановская представила свою книгу о жизни с Аршавиным Autobiographical publishing may well become a bestseller. Book Yulia the baranouskaya “All for the best,” on which she worked for several months, was published. Now fans of the presenter learn about new details of her life with the footballer Andrey Arshavin.

      Юлия Барановская представила свою книгу о жизни с Аршавиным

      First, the public learned about Julia Baranovskaya as the civil wife of a famous football player Andrei Arshavin, who bore him three beautiful children. Yulia started talking about later, as a successful TV presenter, and now mother of many children prepared for the fact that fans, and perhaps even professional critics will appreciate her literary talents.

      Recently published the first book of Julia Baranovskaya called “it gets better”, publishing autobiographical and in it there is a part dedicated to the life of Julia and Andrey Arshavin. The creation of Julia may well become a bestseller, because people who want to look into another’s personal life is always enough. The presentation of the new edition took place on Sunday, June 5, in the framework of the Book Festival, which these days passes in the capital.

      “Here it is my long-awaited – wrote Yulia Baranovskaya in the microblogging under the photo, which she holds in her hands a book. – I very long could not decide on this step, so now I just need your attention and support.”

      “Julius, we congratulate you on your debut!”, “Good luck, you’re a big lad”, “Cheers! I was waiting for your book!”, – joyfully responded subscribers will microblog Yulia Baranovskaya on the news.

      However, there are also those who believe that the star has to stop and stop to wash dirty linen in public, which is, besides, no. “Why all this to procrastinate? Well it’s called a personal life!” “I think you’ve gone wrong. Starting to get the impression that you are already speculating this situation”, – such opinion expresses the part of followers.

      Юлия Барановская представила свою книгу о жизни с Аршавиным

      Recall that Yulia Baranovskaya is preparing to show off a new side to the talent and to appear before the public as a writer, it became known in August last year. Former civil wife of Andrei Arshavin told myself about working on a book called “All for the best. Yulia Baranovskaya wrote a book about life with Arshavin

      “The main idea of the books: happiness is a inner state of a person, which does not depend on where you live, and from wealth – then explained his choice of the name Yulia Baranovskaya. – I know, because in my life there were several times when the situation seemed hopeless, but everything turned for the better.”

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