Anna Kovalchuk disrupted the shooting of his debut film

Анна Ковальчук сорвала съемки своего дебютного фильма She is unaware that the actress has summed up the crew. In the picture was supposed to be a real ass, which Kovalchuk has been secretly feeding. For this reason, the animal simply stopped working in the frame.

      Анна Ковальчук сорвала съемки своего дебютного фильма

      In 90-e years the whole country watched the life of heroes “Santa-Barbara” who got married, got divorced, got into a car accident. At that time, Russian Directors began to shoot soap operas. And this they did well – domestic series almost drove foreign competitors. As it turned out, the most popular among our viewers are the detectives. It’s hard to believe, but the first episode of the series “Secrecy of the investigation” Anna Kovalchuk in the lead role was released in September 2000. And recently started shooting a sixteenth part, which will show in the new season on the channel “Russia 1”.

      During these 16 years, the actress Anna Kovalchuk, who plays in the series the main role of the investigator Maria Shvetsov – time to get married, become a mom – the actress has a son Dobrynya and daughter Zlata.

      “His first role Anna played in my film, – has shared with “StarHit” Director Vladimir Zaykin. In 1998 I rented rowdy Comedy “Love hurts,” had been previously approved by Irina Muravyova, Viktor Sukhorukov Maksim Averin. Only thing missing was a young actress for the role of Oriental beauty, such a jerk a little Princess that turns into a cow. Reviewed many, it’s not that. I came into senior year Anatoly Vedenskogo the Leningrad Institute of theatre, music and cinematography, and realized that he was in the flower garden! The girls were so gorgeous that I don’t even remember, was there with the boys or not.

      “We made a mini-cast it right during class. Took a piece from the script and tried with Kovalchuk. And Anya so otzheg! In a sense, showed his understanding of the genre of the material and its execution. She momentarily considered information, immediately “jumped” into the role, like a month rehearsing and working with Irina Muravyova”, – says the Director.
      Анна Ковальчук сорвала съемки своего дебютного фильма

      Few weeks started shooting. We worked at the Studio “Mosfilm”, and Ana had to move to Moscow. On the court we have lived a real ass. We got him from Moscow zoo. The animal was a funny nickname Cruz, in honor of the police Castillo from the popular series “Santa Barbara”. With a name like that he perfectly fit into our ensemble cast. For the donkey he built a spacious enclosure in a separate room, away from the main scenery to the area stank of manure.

      In the story the hero Victor Sukhorukov – the evil wizard – appeared riding on a cruise and was bewitching Oriental Princess. To work with this stubborn animal was not easy, we came to the aid of the trainer, who is a carrot, straw and other food lured him into the frame. Then with the donkey started to rehearse Sukhorukov, learned to sit and ride it. When Anna Kovalchuk first saw Cruz on the Playground, broke into a smile – as it turned out, she just loves animals.

      All was well, donkey and Sukhorukov were doing so great in the frame kept perfectly. Day on the third or fourth we were supposed to shoot the scene with Viktor, Anya, and the donkey. But then the unexpected happened. Cruz refused to work, for some reason did not respond to treats and not budge. The trainer even slapped him a few times, but he just stood there. “Well, jackass, this is your cruise!” – jokingly protested Victor Sukhorukov. “Maybe he’s just tired?” – suggested Anya and stroked the livestock. So we wrestled for about four hours, the result was zero. The trainer speculated on what was going on. Asks me: “And someone has to feed? Maybe he is lazy, because well-fed? He’s a special mode: need 3-4 meals per day, small portions. Donkeys generally don’t eat much”. I shook my head. Who the hell would do: you will find an aviary and feed him discreetly? Closer to the evening, Cruz still deign to work a little.

      “The next day I needed to talk to Anya, to discuss her change in makeup. Searched everywhere and then noticed that the door ajar in the room where the donkey lives. I went, and there sits on his haunches Kovalchuk, Cruz affectionately calls “my good” and feeding him with corn. It became clear why the donkey had refused to work. Noticing me, Kovalchuk was confused. I explained to her that the donkey should not eat, and that pace until the winter to take the picture. Anya scared at first, because she didn’t think destructive, simply out of kindness fed the crews, who seemed to her thin. Later the trainer explained to her that the donkeys by nature a rather anemic”.

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