Oleg Tabakov has entrusted 677 million unreliable Bank

Олег Табаков доверил 677 миллионов ненадежному банку The artist has lost a large sum of money. Oleg Tabakov was a customer of a financial institution, which revoked the license two years ago. The investigation is ongoing and managers of the credit institution is wanted.
Олег Табаков доверил 677 миллионов ненадежному банку

Recently it became known that the management of the Bank “Client” criminal case. According to a source in law enforcement bodies, some time ago, the financial organization gave loans, but in fact, such were the stolen funds from the accounts of unsuspecting people. Among the victims was a famous actor, head of the Chekhov Moscow art theatre Oleg Tabakov. According to some sources, he lost the account with a huge amount of 677 million rubles.

Despite the unfolding scandal, Oleg Pavlovich and his family are in no hurry to clarify the situation. Son of the famous artist Paul reported that he had not discussed the matter with the Pope.

“I don’t know any details of this case, therefore, to comment on nothing will,” said the young actor “StarHit”.

Wife of Oleg Tabakov, Marina Zudina also did not comment on the incident in her family. She reported that the spouse does not share with her financial issues.

Also among the victims are and other people from the art world, and also the head of the state center for Olympic training in Novogorsk Nikolai Domaracki. The man lost $ 2.5 million.

As it turned out, the Bank “Client” revoked the license two years ago. The day before the termination of the activities of credit the company granted to 1.7 billion rubles as a loan.

Also, the financial institution included in the Deposit insurance system. State Corporation initiated the payment of compensation in early July 2015. However, under this program, only those whose Bank account was not more than 1.4 million rubles.

Now wanted by the former acting Chairman of Board of Bank “Client” Ilya Volosevich, as well as the former Chairman of the Board Andrew Lopativ — father-in-law of the head of the Russian basketball Federation of Andrei Kirilenko.

How did you manage to install the investigation, the stolen money was being withdrawn under the pretext of delivery of credits. Moreover, as the newspaper informs “Rosbalt”, borrowers were ordinary people who didn’t know. Now to the intended beneficiaries of the loan to sue. The Agency on insurance of contributions now require several hundred million rubles with the people who consider themselves to belong.