Dmitry Malikov was worried about results of HIV test

Дмитрий Маликов переживал из-за результатов теста на ВИЧ The singer shared the story from the past which he described as “wild” and “horrible”. In the 90s the parents of Dmitry Malikov received alarm message in which they revealed the relationship of the artist with the girl suffering from serious illness.
Дмитрий Маликов переживал из-за результатов теста на ВИЧ

The singer Dmitry Malikov, was a guest of Yuri Dude and gave him a Frank interview, which revealed unexpected details of his biography. Interview a popular artist with the journalist was released on the YouTube channel “wdwd”.

Dmitry Malikov has agreed to work with the controversial blogger

Answering questions of media representatives, Malik decided to share a bad story that happened with him over twenty years ago. Even then he was popular and enjoyed increased attention from the fairer sex. Those literally had to harass well-known artist.

“I had one wild story, terrible. She patted my nerves and especially my parents. Was either 1990, or 1992. My parents got a call from the facility and said, “you Know, your son was contact with the girl who infected with AIDS.” Whereas time was the first plague… And this was all a setup so that some time we are not to believe, and began to worry. Then I passed the tests and they showed nothing”, – shared the artist.

Dmitry remembered the antics of the other crazy fans. “I’m not talking about such trifles as the offering of the child”, – said the actor. In addition, as told by girls almost was on duty in his house. “When I lived in Krasnosel’skaya street, there was the entrance, where three times doing repairs, because the whole staircase was full of fans”, – told the artist.

And now, after much time, Dmitry Malikov does not complain about the lack of signs of the attention of connoisseurs of his work. Just now young fans of the star are begging him about a selfie. Dimitri tries to be sensitive to the requests of the girls. “It is important for them to be photographed with me, they torture me with pictures… But I am deeply married,” said the singer.

During the conversation with the artist Yuri Dude also reminded him about the anniversary in 2020 Dmitry will be 50 years old. The journalist decided to find out how celebrity plans to commemorate the date. Answering the question Dude, the singer gave a vivid examples from their environment.

“I didn’t think about it. Two of my friends celebrated their 50-year anniversaries, and it happened completely differently. This is Philip and Fyodor Bondarchuk. First, Philip, because of the nature of his personality did a terrible hype. There was not a single transmission, where it was present. And Fedor Bondarchuk, also very media person… I don’t even know I wasn’t invited. But as I heard, he just made dinner for close friends. I understand that, and the other way, and each of them, I can go. But I have not yet decided what,” said star music.