Oleg Gazmanov told like cry macho

Олег Газманов рассказал, как плачут мачо The artist presented the new clip. Oleg Gazmanov video for the song “At the sunset crying Macho” smote all the fans of his work. At the presentation of the music video, guests were asked several times to include work on bis.

Recently Oleg Gazmanov presented to all fans of new music video “sunset crying Macho”. Filmed with humor and philosophy, internal video Director Sergey gray so pleased with the presentation, they applauded several times and demanded to show him the encore and could not restrain his emotions.

Among the guests were many celebrities who could not miss such a significant event for the creativity of the artist. To congratulate with the premiere of Oleg Gazmanov came his wife Marina, sons Philip and Rodion, colleagues – Igor Nikolaev, the soloists of the band “Uma2rman” Vladimir and Sergei kristovskie, actors Zoya Berber and Matthew Zubarevich, Director General of MUZ-TV Arman Davletyarov, music critic Arthur Gasparyan and many others.

“I am happy that you, Oleg, for such a gorgeous clip! You’re cool, you’re my buddy and everything you do, I just like it. Gazmanov breaks the stereotypes, the barriers, he’s out of the genre, he can sing rock, country, Patriotic songs, any music, because he is a person! And the person above all genres!” – enthusiastically said Igor Nikolaev.
Олег Газманов рассказал, как плачут мачо

Oleg Gazmanov was very touched by the reception of the video and sang “sunset crying Macho man” from the scene live. After that, he performed for the guests several of their rousing songs. Then the concert was continued by his son Rodion and celebrity guests. Oleg Gazmanov: “Before I could twist sons of the RAM’s horn, and now there is”

“We are trying to do so that those people who come to the concert and listening to the radio got good songs,” – said Gazmanov.

Олег Газманов рассказал, как плачут мачо