Numerologist: “Maria Golubkina need a rich man”

Нумеролог: «Марии Голубкиной нужен богатый мужчина» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future actress. According to him, the star is much more important to achieve success in terms of career than happiness in your personal life. Golubkina is looking for the chosen one, who is fully to provide.

Today, 22 September, Maria Golubkina turns 44 years. Recently, the actress became the main person of discussion in the press. In the summer she told about the affair with the writer and leading Boris Livanov. Lovers even planned to get married, but at the last moment called off the engagement. One of the pair doesn’t say exactly what happened. Maria moved to live in separate housing, explaining that weave, I need to focus on rehearsals in the theater. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied the life code Golubkina, and has forecast its future.

“Mary was born in “Day of restless road,” says Clara. – Her inherent fears, she constantly worries for their future. Life code actress – 336 291 – suggests that she is well-liked and a good man, bearer of the “mark of the President” – it would make a great leader. Maria is honest, will always come to the rescue. Loves and knows how to work, not lazy.”

Kuzenbaeva believes that Boris broke up with the actress, as she was unbearable in terms of life. According to him, Mary found fault with the choice on the little things and tried to “crush” it under themselves.

“So Maria needs a very patient man, who will turn a blind eye to her antics. It should also be self-sufficient and have good self esteem, otherwise Golubkina subdue it, will be to neglect them and to humiliate. It is desirable that this man earned more than her, otherwise the star will be at each event to recall the second half of who’s boss and whose bread he eats,” said Clara.

According to predictions of numerologist, Mary unmarked line of the family, so she’s more concerned with building a career. That is why she chooses a mate, based on cold calculation, not on feelings.

“Golubkina looks for in a man, first and foremost, a partner, a helper, not a lover. It is not excluded that she will never marry and never give birth to two children, the star is enough. To find harmony with yourself, Masha needs to learn patience and get rid of pride and categorical. And also stop all the time to doubt yourself and boldly go forward. If you will always strive for the career, spiritual and personal growth, she will have good luck and luck,” says Kuzenbaeva.