Oleg Gazmanov planted 27 thousand trees in Moscow

Олег Газманов посадит 27 тысяч деревьев в Москве
The singer continues the rally in honor of victory day.

Oleg Gazmanov

Photo: Instagram Oleg Gazmanov

Oleg Gazmanov has actively supported the movement “Green Russia”, whose aim is the greening of our cities
of the country. In Moscow from an easy hand of the musician have already planted more than two thousand
trees! And in honor of the victory day, the organization decided to put 27 million trees to honor the memory of the dead
in the great Patriotic War. “I continue planting trees in honor of the day
victory. For 20 years I have planted more than 2.5 thousand trees,” — said Gazmanov.

So there is nothing surprising in the fact that Gazmanov improves the area and your party. Though the singer’s house is located in the Park (Silver Bor. — Approx.Ed.) but he still finds places where something can be put. For example, in the fall he is in the row planted
young Christmas trees. And since then, every
weekend visiting their beauties, watching them grow and taking pictures. “Checked
how are my Christmas trees — said Gazmanov. — Grow my pretty, grow
my good!” The singer has published in his Instagram a photo in which
together with his dog stands among the winter beauties.

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