Andrey Smolyakov fell in love with an unusual girl

Андрей Смоляков влюбился в необычную девушку
The actor went with his beloved on a dangerous journey.

Андрей Смоляков влюбился в необычную девушку

Andrey Smolyakov

Photo: Yuri Feklistov, Yuri Feklistov

Jan Sexta

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Star of TV series “Mosgaz” and “Spiderman” actor Andrew Smolyakov fell in love with the blind and the lame girl and went with her on a dangerous expedition. It happened in a new production of the Theatre p/R O. Tabakova “waiting for the barbarians” based on the novel by John Maxwell Coetzee.

In the world this very unusual parable know very well, because its author is a Nobel laureate and winner of two Booker prizes. On the subject of “Barbarians” even written an Opera. But in Moscow, a play by Coetzee set for the first time (directed by Alexander Marin).

The main character, a progressive official in “the Barbarians” will play Smolyakov. And the main female role, the Director gave Yana Sekste that moviegoers remember the role of the woman-operator of Lucy in the TV series “the Thaw”.

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