Старушка! Мария Машкова резко постарела
33-year-old actress showed face.

Maria Mashkova

Photo: @masha_from_russia_project Instagram

Recently, social networks were the old Maria Mashkovoi. In the photo, which after the publication of the fast “scattered” across the Network, 33-year-old actress showed old appearance on her face, a large number of wrinkles, and from under the headdress was visible gray hair… And she looks quite pleased and happy. Why? It’s simple: for this image Maria posing in makeup for a project “Masha from Russia”.

Many fans, by the way, do not know Mashkov in the image of a Mature woman. In the comments to the photo, they write about what barely recognized make up artist Maria. “The makeup is very cool! Look at the photo for 30 minutes. Eye-catching”, “BRR… chills!”, “Class! Mary can be found on the eyes. Bright and full of life!” — write the users of the Network on the old Mashkovoi.

Together with Mashkovoi in this project, directed by Alexander Slobodyanik, removed Irina Gorbacheva. It is known that the shooting took place in California, but the rest of the details are kept secret.

Recall that Mary is often decided on a bold experiment. Not so long ago Mashkov starred in the series “Light the light”, for which she had to get used to the role of a girl with disabilities, confined to a wheelchair.