Григорий Лепс экстренно госпитализирован в Москве
The singer has broken ribs.

Grigory Leps

Grigory Leps, whose name, alas, good
familiar doctors the best Moscow hospitals, again hospitalized in Moscow.
Musician taken to a medical facility with serious injuries. According to preliminary
information, singer fell and broke several ribs.

If there was an incident connected with the close friendship
Gregory “glass of vodka on the table,” which fans remember every time
when he is in the hospital, is unknown. Unfortunately, it happens regularly
several times a year.

Press Secretary of the actor confirmed that Leps is in the hospital, but
she called the diagnosis.

never tried to show their fans better than he is
. He always said that it is a constant war of good and
bad. It is likely that Gregory is
the number of fans it is because he is honest to his audience.
Grigory Leps has never concealed that he had for several years
is a tough struggle with alcoholism. He confirmed it in a biographical film. Gregory
openly said that there are two categories of people — those people who know how to drink,
and those who do not know how, and it belongs to the second category. The contractor also
said that he happened several times to go on stage in a state of complete
black out, but even then it was important to finish and to finish of the last
physical strength.