Старые сапоги Кейт Миддлтон наделали много шума в СМИ Public attention was attracted by the shoes of the Princess. Kate Middleton appeared in the canadian town of Bella Bella in jeans affordable brands clothes and boots, in which she appeared 12 years ago. This detail could not be indifferent to Western journalists, who began to discuss the appearance of the Duchess.

      Старые сапоги Кейт Миддлтон наделали много шума в СМИ

      The Royal family recently went on an official visit to Canada. In North America, Prince William and Kate Middleton with children George and Charlotte made a lasting impression on the public. Now the couple has attended various events as special guests and attracts all the attention. Monarch recently visited the seaside town of Bella Bella. From the prying eyes of journalists, who noticed every detail in appearance, Kate didn’t miss the fact that the Duchess was shod in high boots, worn for a long time.

      As it turned out, the shoes Middleton was custom-made 12 years ago, a famous company Penelope Chilvers. Boots flat shoes genuine leather serve as a Royal since 2004. The media are so attracted to this the fact that they could not ignore the way Kate. The wife of Prince William was also dressed in jeans affordable brand name clothing. The public joined in to the General discussion of the image of Middleton. Someone was thrilled that the Duchess is reasonable and cares for his things and not spending money unnecessarily. By the way, the cost of a pair of boots is handmade worth 475 pounds, which is equal approximately to 40 thousand rubles. They praised Kate for what she provides an example of how to manage money. Others suggested that she just ordered shoes the same model instead of the old boots. However, this topic sparked a debate among those closely following the lives of monarch.

      Also, fans could not help but recall that not so long ago, the Duchess shocked the British exhausted. Under the assumptions of numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva, Kate now have a hard time.

      “Judging by life code, today the Duchess is in the process of energy decline. This period will last till her birthday on the ninth of January. All this time the girl necessary to be extreme careful, because at any moment can overtake depression. Kate and William in the vital codes missing four – which means that neither he nor she are a healthy lot. But despite this, fortunately, the royals no predisposition to serious diseases that can lead to death. By the way, it is likely that before his birthday, Kate gets pregnant. The girl needs to monitor the health of your blood vessels and kidneys – they have it very weak,” – concluded Kuzenbaeva.