Владимира Левкина предал близкий человек The former soloist of group “on-On” I remembered about the terrible blow of fate. Vladimir Levkina it was not easy to endure an unpleasant situation with his second wife. She left him in that moment, when he struggled with the disease.

      Владимира Левкина предал близкий человек

      Many fans still remember by heart hits popular in 90-e years of group “on-On”. Each of the soloist of the team was a huge crowd of fans who were willing to do anything to be in the arms of your favorite artists. However, as it turned out, Vladimir Levkin has faced in his life a situation when the closest person used it.

      In the project “the invisible Man” on TV channel TV-3 ex-member of the popular group Vladimir Levkin had to go back to the past, where the artist was a crazy popularity, crowds of fans, and then he received a severe test.

      Hereditary fortuneteller Aida, spreading the Tarot cards, I noticed a woman who left a negative memories.

      “She took what she wanted and destroyed it,” – said the psychic was right. Apparently, the artist was unpleasant to recall the past.

      “Can I not talk about it, do not want to remember,” said Levkin. His wife Mary, who came to the show to support her husband, could not resist and commented on the situation.

      “I think we are talking about the second wife of Vladimir, who purposefully wanted to make a career and used it,” suggested the woman.

      Levkin’s second wife was singer Oksana Oleshko former member of the group Hi-Fi. The artist left him when the singer was struggling with an illness. This was his stab in the back. “However, I knew that I had to withstand all this, to survive and to go further,” said Levkin.

      The magician a novel Fad immediately saw that 15 years ago in the singer’s life has been a complete failure, everything collapsed. “Yes, illness became my downfall. Two years I spent in the hospital under droppers”, – commented Vladimir. Fad also noted that the difficult period character had to undergo a betrayal of a loved one.

      Recall that the experts don’t see the hero don’t know anything about him and can’t hear each other. They are given only two minutes to examining personal things of the invisible man, his hair, fingerprints, handwriting, pictures they talked about him the whole truth, no matter how unpleasant it may be.

      Watch the show “the invisible Man” on Friday 30 September at 19:00 on TV channel TV-3.