МакSим открыла подробности нового романа The singer told fans about the identity of the chosen one. After a failed relationship with the father of his youngest daughter Maksim ceased to speak publicly about the private life. However, some details she shared.

      Maksim openly talking about their new relationship. The singer has repeatedly given to understand that her life is good. She showed the photo to Instagram, various signs of attention from a loved one in the form of flowers and gifts. However, his personality remains for fans of the star is unknown.

      However, the singer insinuates that she is easily in the society of the elect. It turns out that he and Maksim small age difference. In addition, a couple bound by common interests. His impressions star shared with followers in social networks.

      “When almost the same age – it’s cool! One song, one movie, some jokes… only memories and the future one…” – wrote in his microblog singer. “I’m happy for you, gorgeous”, “Very cute”, “Hooked, Golden words” – supported favorite fans.

      We will remind, in the summer, the singer was spotted in Soho Country club Moscow in the company of a famous TV host and VJ Ivan Chuikov. A couple holding hands, walking in the Park, enthusiastically discussed various topics, made selfi on the background of nature.

      Nearby fans Maksim noticed that Ivan was watching the star for a minute. The lead was driving with his companion’s eyes, helping her down the stairs, gallantly opened the door of the cafe. By the way, at a local restaurant and Maksim Chuikov spent about half an hour. As it turned out, the artists were preparing for the filming of the clip “Stamps” in which he played a major role.

      Maksim was spotted on a date with a famous TV presenter

      Meanwhile, Ivan, according to most magazines, was widely considered one of the most eligible Russian bachelor. At the moment he has no official lady. It is possible that he simply hides an affair with a famous singer.

      By the way, Mack also recently securely hiding personal life from unnecessary attention of the public. Happy she talks about the charming daughters – seven-year-old Alexandra and Mary. The star doted in their heirs.

      “Of course, I madly miss you, even when you leave for rehearsal for a few hours. On the phone connection constantly. But I can’t say that you worry too much: I absolutely trust my assistants. And I understand that it is not necessary to become hysterical mother who does not depart from the crib and blows baby dust. And nothing happens,” the singer told “StarHit”.