В США сняли фильм об убийстве шестилетней королевы красоты ДжонБенет Рэмси Documentary about the unsolved crime will be released in November this year. Twenty years ago JonBenet was murdered in her own home on Christmas night. Still, the attacker was not found.

      В США сняли фильм об убийстве шестилетней королевы красоты ДжонБенет Рэмси

      Little beauty Queen JonBenet Ramsey was murdered 20 years ago, on Christmas eve. So far the investigation has not established who is to blame for the death of the girl. The main suspects in the case was considered by her parents: computer Mogul John Ramsey and his wife Patricia. However, after analyzing the results of the DNA test of suspicion against the parents disappeared.

      On Christmas night 1996 JonBenet Ramsey, who bore such titles as “Little Miss Charlevoix”, “Little Miss Colorado”, “cover Girl from Colorado”, “Tiny Beautiful Nation,” and her parents went to a gala dinner to visit friends. After the party the family returned home. The girl was put to bed at 22.00. It was the last time the girl was seen alive.

      Morning Patricia found the stairs a letter in which was written that her daughter was kidnapped. She reported this to the spouse, they called the police and together with law enforcement waited for a call from an unknown assailant who demanded from them 118 thousand dollars. But no they never called. After the police and parents JonBenet investigated the house, they found the body of the little beauties in the basement.

      On her head, the experts found two large bruises, and all linen was stained with blood ( as it turned out, not her). The child’s hands were tied. Presumably, that JonBenet first hit with a heavy object and then strangled. First suspicions fell on the girl’s parents. John and Patricia refused to give written evidence but, nevertheless, passed graphological examination. None of them was the author of the note found on the morning of December 26. They hired highly qualified lawyers to defend their interests. From the official interrogation of John and Patricia refused. The second version of the murder – an unknown attacker entered the house through the broken window in the basement.

      20 years after the terrible tragedy in rolling out the film “Who killed JonBenet” and his two-hour sequel to “Mother JonBenet: murderer or victim”. The film shows the fifth of November. The film starred Eion Bailey in the role of detective, and Michael Gill and Julia Campbell, who played the parents JonBenet. Payton Area JonBenet voice says: “I was little Miss Colorado. This Christmas I would be 26 years – but for all to me will always be six.”

      Recently the brother of the deceased beauty Queen Burke gave an exclusive interview to the presenter of the show “Dr. Phil.” The young man spoke about his insight on a case. “I always thought it was a pedophile who noticed my sister in one of the competitions. Want to honor the memory JonBenet this interview. Want it has not been forgotten,” admitted 29-year-old boy.

      In childhood, Burke had a hard time, as about them at home constantly on duty police officers or reporters. After that, he hated publicity, and began to lead a closed life. The boy’s parents and his dead sister published a book dedicated to the death of JonBenet, which outlined his version of what happened. Later, the father of the murdered girl wrote a memoir, “the Other side of suffering.”

      “Why don’t we understand that a child participating in contests, so vulnerable? Why we had arranged a house party, which allowed strangers? Never forgive… ” writes the father of the deceased child. — I had to rouse all the family and friends, to attract all possible resources to find the killer. He was hiding in the dark. He is out there…”