Мерайя Кери и Джеймс Пэкер отчаянно спасают свои отношения

American singer Keri merayu a few days ago I saw on the beach of the Greek island of Mykonos, and although the artist was dressed in white, we are not talking about the wedding of Keri and her fiancé, Australian billionaire James packer< /strong>. In fact, insiders say that the wedding may not be generally speaking, because the bride and groom broke the pots, and this stay at Mediterranean resort – last chance to save their relationship.

“They’re fighting, and this trip trying to save their romance. Maria start acting like a real diva and sometimes comes to the ridiculous. With his reality TV project like crazy and sometimes behaving inappropriately. James wants a normal relationship and does not want to be part of the show, he wants to divorce his wife and marry Marie. But now his plans are threatened. The wedding might not happen” — said the insider.
Compounding the situation is the fact that Keri had signed a contract for performances in Las Vegas residence, and the entire 2017 year will be busy with performances there, which does not contribute to a happy family life. Recall that the status of Maryi also unknown for sure the news about her divorce with husband Nick Cannon, with whom she has two children, and did not hear.