Настя Задорожная не спала сутки из-за работы

Singer 24 hours worked on their new video for the song “I feel (the Body)”.

The other day in one of the institutions in the center of Moscow took place the shooting of the video Nastya Zadorozhnaya for her new song “I feel (the Body)”. Easy dance composition discusses the situation of a girl in love, capable of rash acts. This image and had to try on Nastya Zadorozhnaya, who along with two friends went in search of the future bride.

However, having failed on all fronts, the girls go to drown your sorrows at the bar, then launched into a real blast. Nastya was so used to the image that he spent on the set of sleepless night, as if she really had fun at the bar and didn’t work. In the end, the shooting lasted more than a day.

“After the winter, dramatic music video for the song “conditioned reflex”, we continued to shoot videos in the format of a mini-movie. This time we did the Comedy – admitted Nastya Zadorozhnaya. The story of how in search of love, happiness, not to mention the banal adventure, not getting everything at once, the girls embark on a fun and unpredictable way, which people call “breaking bad”! Sure, many sketches of this story will be painfully familiar female audience. The video will be longer than usual, so I’m really looking forward to the result! Gamble it is a gamble!”

The producer of the clip became the producer of Alexey Golubev, known for his work with Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina, Stas Mikhailov and others. And the result can be seen already in early October, when the video will appear on music channels.

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