ВИДЕО: Алексей Серов стал Серым Волком
Participants of the project “Ice age” try on unusual images.

In the first issue of the new season of project
“Ice age” fans can expect surprises. The participants of the show tried on
an unusual, and sometimes dreamlike images. For example, the soloist of group “the Disco
crash” Alexey Serov turned into a wolf and his partner figure skater
Maria Petrova became the red hood.

ВИДЕО: Алексей Серов стал Серым Волком

Alexey Serov

Photo: Yury Feklistov

show “Ice age -2016”, as in past seasons, preparing to go on the ice
professional trainers Alexander Zhulin and Ilya Averbukh. And at the head of the jury —Tatiana
Tarasova, honored coach of Russia figure skating.

Maria Petrova

Photo: Yury Feklistov

“It seemed
what to enter the same river twice is very difficult, but we’re starting the new season of “Ice
period,” — says Ilya Averbukh. — We is the ninth time we step on the ice, and it
of course, the whole life. It will not turn out — to judge you, but we really believe in
our good luck!”