Oksana Samoilov torments himself for the happiness of children

Оксана Самойлова мучает себя ради счастья детей The wife of rapper Dzhigan has to contend with a difficult test. The eldest daughter Oksana Samoilova begin to study in school, and the average went to kindergarten. Although this freed up some of the time a young mother, she still can not get used to the new regime.

Oksana Samoilova and rapper djigan raising three daughters – Leah, Ariel and Maya. Parents do everything that the successor gets the best. They do not spare themselves for the sake of beloved children.

Not so long ago the couple decided to give the senior daughters to school and kindergarten. But now she had to endure some hardships just for the sake of the girls felt happy. She forces herself to get up early and personally escort heiresses.

“The second day today as my children go to school, I have all izmuchal. For man night life is not just hard, it’s unbearable agony. It seems that you kept kicking, and squeezed the brains and throw sand in the eyes. But everything else that happens after I come to, I really like it. I don’t want to children were driven by a chauffeur or someone else,” he complained Samoylova followers.

Djigan wife now wants the children first shared their impressions with her. Just for this young mother willing to endure the inconvenience. Some members supported the zeal of Oksana, however, others believe that such things can be passed on to other people. “Children need sleep mother, not a cunt, tired, nervous,” “Take a babysitter for this, not to knock your usual mode”, “Oksana! You are a super mom! An example to follow!”, “Oksana, you are incredible! A real example of a woman, mother and wife!” – wrote followers.

However, many could not understand why Ariel went to school in the middle of the year. Some have speculated that she began to learn in kindergarten, but the mother of many children is in no hurry to reveal all the details.

Also Samoilov told subscribers about how to pass the first days in kindergarten have a four year old Leia. As it turned out, preschool will free Oksana from the care of the child only some of the time.

“Leia went on until noon, I’ll have to wait for it and then it go to work. Don’t even know, I think “to” it was easier, at least did not have to get up at 6 in the morning. Leah’s first day was not without incident, of course. Got a lump on his forehead. Good thing it was in front of me. But in the garden all at once realized her “strong” side and a temper,” admitted the shooting.