Olga Buzova stated that will help the former to build a new relationship

Ольга Бузова заявила, что поможет бывшему построить новые отношения The leader told that from now on not to hold a grudge against ex-lover. The star of “House-2” are even willing to support a failed date so he found a decent half.

Olga for the first time commented on the relationship with the member telestroke Roman Gritsenko. According to her, she assumed in advance that the strong couple they will not work. According to Buzova, the young man was still too windy and not fully aware of what he wants from life.

“I didn’t understand whether what I’m being wooed by the party. I can say that the behavior of the Roma was dignified and reverent, he made beautiful things, what won me over. I remember when I celebrated a birthday in Thailand, the Villa sent a huge number of bouquets and gifts from friends and relatives from Moscow. On the one hand, it was kind of awkward, and then one friend said, “Let people make you happy, learn to accept their gratitude and love.” Also with Roma – I decided that you can not pick a man in his sincere impulses”, – said Olga.

Buzova admitted that Gritsenko cheated on her, talked with other girls. Party telestroke passed the lie detector test, where we opened the whole truth. “I don’t want such men were my fans. In their view should be reached only I. Guys wi-fi, which distribute themselves right and left, not interesting to me. Roma took on more responsibility, but it turns out that betrayed me,” shared the celebrity.

According to Olga, there is no negative to the former she left. And she even spotted on a project a suitable candidate for a Novel.

“I know that now he is near deals with Margo. I like this girl, she’s alive, sincere and emotional,” said Buzova.Olga said that only after his divorce was able to understand my father left my mother. She forgave dad and realized that living with a man is necessary only in the case when the relations are feelings. “I love the father, we often call each other, but sometimes feel that I miss him. During our last meeting in St. Petersburg, he hugged me and said I always told him about such things. At that moment I realized that daddy does, too, and we need each other,” said the star.

In an interview with “House-2” Olga emphasized that it is still easy to hurt, despite the fact that it was a difficult journey with UPS and downs. “Now I live the way I want. Know know how to love, so the person who will be near me, will be the most happy,” concluded Buzova.