Оксана Федорова считает, что жертвам насилия не нужно говорить об этом в Сети

Miss universe Oksana Fedorova has declared that does not understand women who talk about how victims of violence. Fedorov criticized the Internet is gaining popularity flashmob #Aboussafy, noting that women in our time do not require sympathy, and control: “I do Not quite understand the appropriateness of this flash mob. Why talk about personal problems to the whole country? If you have trouble, go to Church or to the psychologist. I would in a similar situation, probably did. And writing terrible posts on the Internet that you were raped, why?” — asks the rhetorical question, Oksana.

According to Fedorova, women who were victims of violence, are to blame for what happened to them because she’s let herself in: “a Reason to think not only about what the social environment is inadequate, poorly educated men can be very dangerous, but also about moral purity us women. We need to think about future family, about children… Parents should also pay attention to what he did and in that dressing their daughter. Why mom told the girls the rules of conduct, decorum, today you can wear, what not, what to place and what not. His awkward appearance young girls often provoke others men for aggressive actions. The consequences of such behavior tears laid out in the global network under the hashtag #Aboussafy”.

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