Объект желаний: что вошло в новую коллекцию Uniqlo

Affordable Japanese brand has announced the launch of one of the most anticipated collections of the new season.

In the new season, Uniqlo has been extremely prolific in a really cool collection. After the dresses from the INES de La Her on the shelves will be no less fabulous outfits.

The first collection by Christophe Lemaire in the status of creative Director of Uniqlo U were very laconic, understated and very elegant. In the collection autumn-winter 2016 has entered about 50 things a woman’s wardrobe and 35 male. Usability, minimalistic design, natural materials and versatility – it is easy to understand why the works of Christophe Lemaire for a democratic brand will make a splash this fall!

The collection includes dresses, sweaters, cardigans, outerwear, pants, skirts, tops and shirts. Basic shades – cobalt, gray-green, red, white, and mustard. As reported by the representatives of the brand, creating a line, lemere and his team refused to chase the trends. That is why the collection special attention was paid to design, quality of fabrics and tailoring.

Earlier, Lemer worked as creative Director for such brands as Lacoste and Hermès. He headed the Paris Uniqlo R&D center after working on collaborations Uniqlo and Lemaire seasons autumn-winter 2015 and spring-summer 2016.

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