Бутики Kira Plastinina в Москве: их мало, но они популярны

The editors of Woman’s Day decided to find out what is happening in the stores of a bankrupt brand.

From the moment the General Director of “Kira Plastinina style” Igor Mukhachev has announced the imminent bankruptcy of the company, it’s been a few days. The shops are closed, but Kira does not respond to the questions of journalists and fans about the situation.

The company had about 300 boutiques, and now… In Kazakhstan, as written by the fans of the brand, shut its doors to all the shops, in Moscow there are only 8 boutiques, although early sign of Kira Plastinina can be found in every Mall! Now the boutiques are simply left in huge malls, where the mad flow of people.

We decided to go over those points and see: this business is still alive or quite dead.

First stop was a boutique in the shopping center “Zvezdochka” on Taganka. The store he met a promising sign about discounts 70%. At this point one might think that the brand went all the way and decided to sell the remnants of collections of pennies, as is usually the case.

In the far corner hung a few dresses at a price of 599 rubles instead of 2599 rubles, four models of dresses from 1399 rubles, about 10 pairs of dusty shoes and sandals again for 599 rubles, tops made of polyester for 599 rubles, and before that they sold for 1599 rubles. Appears to be a standard sale at the end of the season.

10 minutes in the store looked four casual visitor, to twist the hangers with sale, felt and gone. Sellers is not confused – the girls gathered in a circle at the cash register, especially not relying on a profit and not interested in customers.

This indifference led me to think that all of them have been notified of dismissal, and here they are without enthusiasm finalizing the last days. But…

“We are not closed – surprised at my question, the consultant. — All the shops that are left, will continue to work on.

But in the Kira Plastinina boutique in “Okhotny Ryad” was fun.

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Just cross the threshold (with the same inscription about 70% discount), as you are met by a smiling consultant and happily said: “we Have new arrivals! Getting ready for school!”

A lot of people. Each frozen at the hanger buyers immediately picked up the sellers.

As in the past the store, the sale crouched in the farthest corner of the dressing room. Caught evening dresses priced at 2,499 rubles instead 7599, coat discounts 1000-1500 roubles, jumpers for 999 rubles instead of 1299, warm skirts for 2500 rubles.

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And like a good catch – to grab a dress disappearing brand of five thousand cheaper initial cost, if… You know, that’s kind and fashionable things, but the quality… Synthetic fabric now in puffs, on clothing stains. Even if we make allowances for the specifics of sales in Russia, where it sells stale goods rather than seasonal, it all looks unappetizing. Alas, things with a really good discount were not victims of sale, but rather a reduction. However the changing rooms were queues.

“Girl, help button does not work,” came the voice of the customer because of the blinds.

“Oh, you took the dress with the broken lock, I’ll bring the same, but with a good. By the way, the green you face,” sympathetically replied the consultant and rushed into the hall.

The question about the further fate of the boutiques we asked here.

“What is bankruptcy? Didn’t hear anything!” – sincerely was surprised the consultant and added that they have new arrivals, and the Italian collection good discounts.

Judging by the enthusiasm of the sellers, these stores in the near future and really not close, at least until you sell all the expensive novelties.

The question that remained with me after visiting boutiques: why? Why support the life of this patient at all? Of course, this decision will save the brand from extinction, but nothing revives the victim with the bankruptcy of the image of Kira as a designer.

Although the girl herself, happily posing arm in arm with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, it seems, the story has evolved. She had been in another life and other interests, among them precisely there is no desire to mass-produce a decent-quality clothing.